University at Buffalo
Digital Skills Bootcamp

The University at Buffalo Digital Skills Bootcamp offers a unique combination of forward-thinking educational opportunities in an inspiring cultural setting. We provide a cutting-edge approach to professional education, using real-world simulations and a collaborative learning environment designed to help individuals thrive. Learners can build powerful connections with their instructors as they complete a comprehensive curriculum designed to cover all aspects and niches of their chosen industry.

We’ve Got
Your Back

From your very first call to the moment you complete the program, your success is our top priority. Our success managers will make sure you successfully advance through the program and our Career Outcomes team will do everything they can to get you hired upon completion of the course.*

*Job placement is not guaranteed.

Our Partnership
with ThriveDX

Our accelerated program is powered by our partner, ThriveDX, which helps to reskill and upskill individuals and prepare them for today’s fast-growing digital economy. With over a decade of experience as the world’s premier digital skills education provider, ThriveDX works with top-tier academic institutions, government organizations and global enterprises to offer advanced workforce and professional development programs in digital technology.

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Enter the Job Field With a
Professional Skill Set

Our Digital Skills Bootcamp features a consistently updated curriculum that meets current industry-standard trends and the latest innovative tools. Our bootcamp is in-depth and covers virtually every facet of the industry that you choose, meaning our learners have a variety of career paths they can pursue upon completion of the program.

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